Dangerous Camps Easter & Summer

Dangerous Summer Camps

Dangerous  Camps

Dangerous Camps for Boys Easter 2019

23- 26 April  Tuesday to Friday inclusive from 10 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.  

for boys ages 8 to 12 years                     

Campers are encouraged to book early to avoid disappointment


For a fuller understanding of this camp see the details on the Dangerous Summer Camps below. Camps are weatherproof, but boys will get wet and dirty – so wear suitable clothes, not your best Easter buys!  This Easter there is no bus service.

Book by email or letter. Details needed in your email or letter: name, address, age, current school & class, your (emergency) contact information, any medical issues we should know, and whether you are a previous camper.

Our contact information: Tel: 086-1752915 (camp manager during camp only) or 01-4933204 (school) or e-mail: action@rockbrook.ie


The cost is €90 for one week per child, (€85 for second child – same family). To minimise administration full payment can be made via bank transfer beforehand or on arrival on the first day. However booking must be made in advance by email to action@rockbrook.ie.

Paying directly to the school account (use reference ‘Camp’ plus boy’s name). Our details are:

Rockbrook Park School (No. 1 account):


IBAN: IE21 AIBK 9332 9535 6483 73

Paying on first camp day: Cheques payable to Rockbrook Park School. Cash also accepted.

Or pay by post to Rockbrook Park School, Edmondstown Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16


What parents say

“Just a note to say a big thanks to you and your colleagues for the excellent dangerous camp last week. B had a really marvellous time and it was a great experience for him. It is fantastic to see children enjoying outdoor pursuits. The organisation was superb from the most punctual bus run and throughout the week – great credit to you.”

“Just a note to say thanks a million for the summer camp. C really enjoyed the two weeks and also had a fantastic time at the camp night.”

“Just wanted to say big thanks to all involved for Easter Dangerous Camp. My son loved it and already wants to book in for Summer!!”

“He love, love, loved the camp and says he will definitely be back in the Summer.”


Camp Details 

Tuesday 23 April – Friday 26 April inclusive; 10 am to 3 pm daily

Camp leader: Mr Derrick Dunne. Contact number during camp: 086-1752915

Camp fee: €90 (€85 for any subsequent brother). Payable directly to our account or cash or cheques payable to Rockbrook Park School on first morning.

Outline plan for week (this plan is indicative only )

Tuesday:  on-site games & challenges

Wednesday: off-site – Cruagh, Pine Forest

Thursday: games, challenges & off-site survival games (Masseys)

Friday: on-site: games, wet day- only if warm

Bring change of clothes/footwear for each day. Packed lunch, water/drink. No shop available.


Dangerous Camps for Boys 2019

Details & Application Rockbrook Dangerous Summer Camps

for boys ages 8 to 12 years; from 10 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. Monday to Friday                       



These camps aim to equip boys with a range of ideas with which to enjoy their ‘free-time’. All camps share Rockbrook’s traditional characteristics of personal attention, character development, good humour, and a spirit of adventure.

Partly inspired by The Dangerous Book for Boys, the camps familiarise the boys with games, outdoor adventure, hobbies and skills that every boy should know and love, as well as providing a strong educational flavour. The camps aim to inspire a desire for knowledge and adventure, as well as the all-round growth of boys through healthy and engaging active leisure. The camps do not depend on inflatable gimmicks, and our aim is to help young people appreciate the learning and fun that can be had in a countryside environment.


 “I was sick of seeing my 12 year old son on the XBox or playing on his iPhone, so I Googled ‘summer camp; boys; aged 12’ and the Rockbrook camp came up 1st on the search. I was thrilled to see that the camp was aimed at getting the boys outdoors and seriously active. My son thought the title ‘Dangerous Camp for Boys’ was very cool. He came home each day filthy, covered in cuts and bruises, parched, starving and exhausted: he absolutely loved it! So much that he returned for a second week….He declares it to be the best camp he has ever done and is says he is definitely going again next year. We opted for the coach to pick him up and drop him home each day, which was very convenient for me, but also made him feel very grown up and independent. He loved the staff and made lots of friends. I can’t recommend this camp highly enough.” N.L

Outline Details & application form (not yet available)

Frequently asked Questions (download not yet available)

Application form only (download not yet available)

Dangerous camp bus route 1 (provisional, but likely)

Camp Schedules 2019

The Dangerous Outdoor Camp (8-12 years) – camps A1 to A4

Week 1 1—5 July   Week 2 8—12 July   Week 3 15—19 July    Week 4 22—26 July

The Dangerous Science Camp- Camp D1

Week 1 science dates to be fixed


  AGES 1-5       July 8-12  July 15-19 July 22-26 July

Outdoor Camp

8-12 A1 A2 A3 A4
Dangerous Science Camp 8-12        
Provisional Bus routes for camp   Route 1 Route 1 Route 1 Route 1



All Camps commence 10 am daily and finish at 3 pm. Boys should bring a packed lunch and a change of clothes with them. There will also be a shop and some hot food available.

Transport by bus to and from the Camps is available at an additional charge of €27 per week. The bus follows a traditional route (route 1) around Rathfarnham, Templeogue, Ballinteer, Leopardstown and more locally.  The dates and times are as advertised, although allow for variations due to traffic. Families are also encouraged to car-pool.

The cost for all camps is €105 for one week for one boy and €98 for any subsequent week of any camp for each sibling. (e.g. for two brothers each attending for one week, the cost is €105 + €98 = €203; for one boy attending for three weeks the cost is €105+ €98+€98 = €301). Bus collection when used is €27 (return) weekly. The camp day rate (e.g. in exceptional cases for a short week) is €30 per day.

To minimise administration:

  • Online booking and payment opens on May 2 (Anyone using online booking must pay the full amount due)
  • Alternatively, past camp members and friends can book by email and then simply pay on arrival.
  • For all others full payment for at least one week must be made when using postal or email booking
  • A cancellation will receive a full refund, less a max. €20 booking charge
  • Early booking is advisable as some camp weeks may fill up quickly.

Payment details: cheques payable to Rockbrook Park School. Cash not cards accepted on arrival. If paying direct to account then bank details are as below:


Payment to Rockbrook Park School (No. 1 account):

Payment reference: Summer + Student/Family Name


IBAN: IE21 AIBK 9332 9535 6483 73


We put as much information as possible here to help minimise unnecessary phone contact, so please read it carefully. If you book by email or by post please presume you booking has been accepted, as it takes us time to process all bookings.


Contact information

Phone: 086-1752915 (camp manager after 23 June) Phone: 01-4933204 (school/ Greg)

E-mail: summer@rockbrook.ie  Web address www.rockbrook.ie

Address: Rockbrook Park School, Edmondstown Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16.


What happens on each of these camps?

A1, A2, A3, A4 Dangerous Outdoor Camp (8-12 years, age appropriate groups)

The Dangerous Outdoor Camp includes the now traditional mix of outdoor activities: sports (including astro & grass soccer, high jump, volleyball, rounders), field trips, rope bridge, rope work, bouldering, juggling, survival skills, tying knots, manhunts, hiking, trench warfare, barbecues. Boys may attend as many weeks of as they wish. The Dangerous Outdoor Camp runs on a two-weekly cycle to facilitate those attending for two weeks. Thus, Week 3 of the Camp matches Week 1 activities and Week 4 matches Week 2. The Camp divides boys up into age appropriate groups and the daily activity plan varies slightly to suit ages.


D1 Dangerous Science Camp  

Rockbrook has a good tradition in the sciences and in Young Scientist participation. This very popular science camp provides hands-on opportunities to investigate science in action. CSI laboratory work; scene of the crime investigations, the working of rockets, the art of flying, frogs, squirrels, moths, field trips and nature trails are all part of an action-filled week of exciting science and practical experimentation. The Dangerous Science Camp runs a slightly different programme each week.


Early booking is requested as some camp weeks may fill up quickly.  For example emails like this come before booking even opens! “Anyway I’d like them booked in for the first 2 weeks in July if possible, they are super excited already!!!.”

Ensure that your children learn, as well as enjoying themselves.

Understanding the Camp tradition

The Dangerous Camps are run by Rockbrook Park School to help in the personal development of children of all ages. A lack of appreciation of the natural environment, a declining enquiring spirit, an over-attachment to video and gaming consoles, as well as obesity among the young are challenges that need to be faced early on by parents. The Dangerous Camp tradition helps to confront these challenges head on, seeking to interest young people in the natural environment on their doorstep, while helping to develop virtue.


The camps seek to put into practise the underlying principles of Rockbrook Park School.

Rockbrook Park School is a day secondary school for boys. The twin pillars of a Rockbrook education are personal character development and academic excellence. An emphasis on personal development and character education in a genuine Christian environment are at the heart of Rockbrook’s educational commitment. Through its education system, its extra-curricular experiences, including school trips, and its code of discipline, Rockbrook helps its students to be knowledgeable, hardworking, presentable and upright young men who understand what it means to be of service to society.

All Camps run by Rockbrook seek to maintain this tradition, and it is primarily the staff and students from the school who are involved in camp delivery. If you wish to find out more about Rockbrook, please speak to any of our staff or contact the school secretary.

Contact information for Rockbrook Park Secondary School

Phone: 01-4933204 (school) Web address www.rockbrook.ie

Address: Edmondstown Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16.

Dangerous Camp Applications Summer 2019


Applications by email: please cut & paste the following template, fill in details – add to main body of email (not an attachment please) and email to summer@rockbrook.ie Otherwise send the application form by post.


Dangerous Camp email details (complete details separately for each boy)

Previous Camper?  Yes/No:




Date of birth:

Current school:

Current class (just finishing):

Allergies / health issues we should know:

Normal contact number:

Using camp bus Yes/No ______               If using bus, what stop:_____________________


Emergency contact number 1:

Emergency contact number 2:

Email address:

Which Camps: (use codes A1 etc. see below) ___________________


Dangerous Outdoor Camp A1 1—5 July   A2 8—12 July   A3 15—19 July    A4 22—26 July

Dangerous Science D1  to be announced later


Any other relevant issues that we need to know:


Application and Booking Form 2019 (download not yet available)

You can presume that any booking made has been accepted unless you hear from us. Please return booking form / payment to Rockbrook Park School, Edmondstown Rd, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16.

If paying directly to the Rockbrook Park School account please use Summer & boy’s name as the reference.

Our bank details:  BIC: AIBK IE2D        IBAN: IE21 AIBK 9332 9535 6483 73


Dangerous Camps Frequently asked questions

How do I book?

Please return a completed application form together with payment* to Rockbrook Park School. Application forms can be downloaded from the school website (see Activities section www.rockbrook.ie) or posted out to you (telephone 01-4933204 and leave your name and address or email summer@rockbrook.ie ).

Payment options

  1. Payment online together with online booking – open from 2 May.
  2. Payment by cheque to Rockbrook Park School or by cash.

If paying directly to the Rockbrook Park School account please use Summer + the boy’s name as the reference.

Our details:  BIC: AIBK IE2D        IBAN: IE21 AIBK 9332 9535 6483 73.

(No card payments are accepted at the school.)

Previous campers and friends booking through them can avail of our ‘all payments on arrival’ policy, so they have no booking fee or deposit to pay, but they must book in advance.

For others, the minimum payment with the application is one week’s camp fee. You may also pay the full cost of the camp when booking (e.g. 2, 3 or 4 weeks together). If a person is unable to attend the camp then a full refund of the camp fee will be made, less a maximum of €20 booking deposit (for very late cancellations).


Can I pay all at once?

Yes you can pay the full amount at booking. When online booking commences you must pay the total payment up front.

Otherwise the minimum amount payable by a family at booking stage is the cost of one week’s camp (cheques payable to Rockbrook Park School). The payment, less a maximum of €20 booking deposit (applicable only to late cancellations), is fully refundable, should the child be unable to attend. Very few people drop out after deposit stage, so this payment system is easier and clearer for parents and it cuts down considerably on our camp administration. Any balance on the camp fee is payable on the first day of the camp.


What is the Camp fee?

A boy attending one week of the camp pays €105. If he does a second or subsequent week of any camp he pays an additional €98 per week. If his brother attends, he pays €98 per week.

So, for example, two brothers each attending  one week of the Dangerous Outdoor Camp and one week of the Science Camp pay €105 + €98 + €98 + €98 = €399. If both boys are using the camp bus then an additional fee of €27 per boy per week is also due.


When is the full fee payable?

At least one week of the camp fee is payable on booking (except for past campers – see above). The balance of any fees due are payable on the first day of your son’s Camp. If booking online (after 2 May) then full fee must be paid with the booking,


Does the boy have to have any connection with Rockbrook?

No. The Camp is open to all boys in the 8-12 year age range. Places are awarded on a first-come basis.



How will I know my son will have a place on the Camp?

Based on previous years’ experience the camps fill up during May/June and the later camps may have places available on demand. However the growing success of the camps makes it difficult to predict what will happen. All applications received are guaranteed a camp place unless we notify you otherwise. If you have booked then you have a place UNLESS you hear otherwise. So, the Camp will generally have no reason to be in touch with you before commencement. If you are in doubt, please email us and we will respond.

With online booking, once your booking is accepted you are guaranteed a place.


How do I know if there are any changes in camp plans?

If there are changes we need to communicate, then we will get in touch with you. Check the Rockbrook website www.rockbrook.ie regularly. Necessary changes during the camp will be texted to you, if you provide a contact text number. Email addresses are also very helpful to us for relaying more complex communications. Please write email addresses as clearly as possible on the application forms.


Will my son be able for the challenges of the Outdoor Camp?

The Camps are an age-appropriate challenge for boys. The boys are kept busy all day and will be tired when they get home. The boys will be in age appropriate groups and will carry activities at different levels.


Can older boys attend the camp?

The upper age limit is now 12 years.


What are the bus arrangements? (Note: no bus for Easter Camp)

A school bus is available to collect and return boys to the camps at an additional fee of €25 per week. Payment for the bus should accompany the camp fee.

On the application form, parents are asked to indicate a landmark collection point near their home where the boy can be collected. A bus with the Rockbrook/ Dangerous Camp name in the front window will pull up at the designated stop at the designated time.

The bus follows a traditional route around Rathfarnham, Templeogue, Ballinteer, Leopardstown and more locally. A bus may run from Naas also on some weeks. The likely/planned routes and times are posted below with this information. The route may vary a little from week to week (in response to bookings) so it will confirm times a few days before the camp.

On the Thursday of the week before your son’s camp commences you should check the website for the bus route/times. You may also be emailed or telephoned by the camp to confirm the collection time at the stop. Boys should be at the stop five minutes before the due time, as the bus cannot idle at the stop.  We cannot guarantee exact return times, and can only be approximate, so please ensure your collection arrangements are clear.

Dangerous camp bus route 1 (provisional, but likely)


Is there an advantage in using the bus?

Campers enjoy the sense of independence and adventure that comes with taking the bus to and from the camp. However, parents need to ensure that children can manage their own way home from the collection and drop-off points. The camp can only provide approximate bus drop-off times as it often takes a few days for the timing of routes to settle.


What happens if my son is not using the bus?

Parents should bring the boy for the 10 am camp start and should be in the school to collect the boy at 3 pm. Children under 12 should be instructed by parents to remain with camp leaders until the parent comes to claim the boy. The boys will usually be in the area of the front pitches or in the astro-pitch area. A parent should not ask the boy to wait at the gate or in the school car-park, as this may cause confusion for the staff caring for him.


What do campers need to bring?

On the Outdoor Camp, campers are going to get wet and dirty on some or most days. Therefore, a small bag with a change of clothes (preferably old clothes!), spare runners/ trainers and a towel is usually required each day. On the first day please bring a change of clothes. A draft plan for the week will usually be given to campers, so that they have some idea of the plan each day (although this can often change depending on the weather conditions).

On the Science Camp, campers may be asked to bring a change of clothes on some days or occasionally bring some household materials to assist in experiments (plastic bottles, foods etc).

All campers should also bring a packed meal (sandwiches, fruit) and a drink with them. On some days, there will be the option of light hot-food available in the school tuck-shop (e.g. hot dogs, pizza) at a reasonable cost.

Campers should not bring valuables (including good phones, music systems etc) with them as the Camp cannot guarantee the safety of such items.


Are there any camp activities for parents or siblings?

Yes. During the camps (weather permitting), parents may be invited to come with siblings for a cup of tea at 2 p.m. On those occasions picnics are welcome on the school lawns area. If such events are happening they will be advertised on website (www.rockbrook.ie) or facebook page (facebook.com/RockbrookParkSchool)



How will the Camp contact us should there be a change in plans?

Parents are asked to supply a mobile phone number. If absolutely necessary, short camp announcements or alerts will be texted to parents on this number. Parents should supply an email address (on the application form) where possible as it can ease communication considerably.




Our Vision

our-visionClear Vision

Combination of academic excellence and personal attention to each student.

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Student Clubs

student-clubsA wide variety of Clubs on offer

A student may join as many clubs as he wishes. Club membership is actively encouraged.

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School Trips

school-tripsOpportunities for personal development.

School trips and exchanges are organised to enhance the learning of students.

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