6th Year

Beginning 6th Year in Rockbrook is an exciting time!

It’s a time for taking stock of where you stand at the moment and a time to decide where you aim to be in the future; not only which college you wish to attend, or which career you have an eye on, but also what type of person you aspire to be, laying firm foundations for everything that will be strong, enduring and successful in your life.

Rockbrook will get you 100% ready for your Leaving Certificate exams in June 2021, so that you perform on the day to the best of your ability. We’ll throw everything at you that you need in order to get there, keeping a sharp eye on your progress from week to week, regularly reporting to you and your parents on how you are managing, providing you with study facilities and helping you to get the most out of your time. We know academics.

Exams, however, are just as much a test of who you are as a person as they are an assessment of your knowledge of particular subjects. These is a year in which you can, and should, fully mature and grow as a person, as a man of character. Those who succeed in the Leaving Certificate are those with the character to succeed. Those who have learned to plan, to focus, to work hard, to overcome laziness, to stick at it until the end. Rockbrook is the ideal place to do this, and we will be by your side every step of the way: encouraging, motivating, demanding. We know character.

School is not just ‘a place’. It’s an opportunity. Grasp the opportunity and make the most of it, and this year in Rockbrook will become some of your best memories of school. For you, and for all of your classmates, this year will be a journey to make together in comradeship and friendship, leading each other forward, learning from each other on the good days and leaning on each other on the bad ones. Even though our strong commitment to academic excellence for all our students is at the heart of this school, we also know that there is more in your life than just books. We know you.

6th Years of 2020-21, we look forward to working with you!