2022/2023 booklists

School booklist

The school booklist can be accessed by clicking on the buttons below. There are two lists, one for Junior Cycle and one for TY + Senior Cycle.

Teachers commonly provide much of the material for use in TY subjects, though some subjects do require textbooks.

Books are not required for the subjects/courses below, and so these have been excluded from the booklist. Learning materials for these are provided by the teachers.

    • Great Questions (1st and 2nd year)
    • Rhetoric (1st and 2nd year)
    • Religious education (all years)
    • Physical education (all years)

Copybooks / A4 notepads

Students should purchase A4 notepads from 1st year onwards, rather than use the traditional ‘copybook’. Some subjects require these A4 notepads to be hardback.

Art Materials

First years should purchase the following for Art:

      • A3 sketch pad (hard cover, good quality paper)
      • A2 folder, simplest cheap type is fine (for storing art work in)
      • HB, 3B and 6B pencils, rubber, pencil sharpener
      • 30 cm ruler
      • Set of colouring pencils (Faber Castell range)
      • Acrylic paints in 75 ml tubes (black, cobalt blue, cadmium red, cadmium yellow, white, burnt Sienna, viridian green, yellow ochre, purple, orange)
      • Rotring compass
      • Prit stick
      • Black sharpie marker
      • Black felt tip pen (small size)
      • Selection of soft and hard paint brushes suitable for acrylic and water colour range
      • Large lunch box (with name on it) that fits paints and brushes for storage in locker

Making school payments

Please click on the Easy Payments icon to make a payment.