Covid19 and reopening

On the 27th July the Department of Education published a Roadmap which sets out how schools, in the context of Covid19, will reopen for students at the end of August.

This Roadmap indicates that it has been developed in line with public health advice and follows comprehensive engagement with education stakeholders. It also reflects a review of the approaches adopted in other countries. The Department recognises that the reopening process is likely to be a significant logistical operation, on both a national basis and on a local level for individual schools. 

Rockbrook has already been developing its Covid19 Response Plan and will be studying in detail this new Roadmap. The current plan is that Rockbrook opens for staff on the 26th August and for students on the 28th August. If there are any changes to this, for instance if we decide to stagger student return over two days, naturally we will provide you with notice of this well in advance. 

From the first day back we will be implementing all necessary and reasonable measures to minimise the risk of introduction or spread of infection in our school, so as to ensure the safety of all staff, students and their families whilst continuing to deliver our full, exciting and challenging programme of teaching and learning.

In line with Department recommendations, schools are assigning a person on their staff to help coordinate the initial reopening of the school this year. In our case, Mr William O’Brien will be coordinating Rockbrook’s implementation of our Covid19 precautions for reopening, to ensure that everyone settles back in safely and we make a habit of any new practices we need to adopt as part of the everyday ’new normal’ of the school.

All information about our ‘reopening procedures’ for parents and students will be made available to you by Mr O’Brien during the two weeks just prior to opening, followed by updates in the subsequent weeks after opening.