How you can enrol

We are still accepting applications for enrolment in 2021, as there are still places free.

New applications will be processed without delay and offers may subsequently be made.

The school does not charge any fee for submitting an application for admission to the school.

To enrol as a student, a boy must be at least 12 years of age by the 1st January of the year following entry. If your son is too young to formally enrol at the moment, you can keep in touch with us by filling in the ‘Keep In Contact’ form below.

Parents of prospective students are very welcome to visit the school at any stage by making an appointment with the Admissions Office or by attending an Open Day.

Admission Notice for September 2021 intake:

The school will commence accepting applications for admission on:01 October 2020
The school will cease accepting applications for admission on:22 October 2020
Applicants will be notified in writing of decision on their application by:09 November 2020
Applicants must confirm acceptance of an offer of admission by:20 November 2020
The number of places in 1st year is:48
Less the number of places for 1st year that were offered and accepted prior to the coming into operation of section 62 of the Education (Admission to Schools) Act 2018 on 1st February 2020.13
So the number of places still available in 1st year for September 2021 is therefore:35