Faith & Reason

Helping students understand the natural unity between faith and reason

Integral to its culture of supporting the development of the whole person, Rockbrook School presents to students, from a Catholic perspective, the timeless Gospel teachings that provide meaning and direction in everyday life and lay a firm foundation for mature moral and spiritual development. Christian faith is the reason every boy in Rockbrook is respected and valued. The school is open to and welcomes students of all faiths and promotes an atmosphere of profound respect for all.

The importance of faith is expressed in the ordinary life of the school in a simple and sincere manner, helping students to put it into practice by generously serving others and to discover for themselves how they can foster a genuine and enduring relationship with God at their own pace.

Rockbrook School provides a comprehensive presentation of the Catholic faith and a dynamic sacramental life and chaplaincy. Rockbrook also seeks to express and live the Catholic faith in the following ways: through an atmosphere of open intellectual inquiry, a deep respect for personal freedom and preparation for future professional life.

The chaplain to the school is provided by Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church that assists in the provision of spiritual formation to educational initiatives all over the world.

Our emphasis on the connection between personal faith and professional preparation at the service of others is characteristic of what Opus Dei seeks to contribute to Rockbrook School.