Day 5 in Rome, Italy

This morning we had a papal audience with the new Pope, Pose Francis. But first, the camera reappeared, complete with some photos of yesterday’s visit to the Vatican Museum and the interior of St Peters.


Is this the pieta

We managed to get tickets for the papal audience, but the crowd in the Square was so vast that it was impossible to get anywhere near the seated area. Apparently Pope Francis is drawing crowds of 80,000 for his weekly Wednesday audiences, a figure almost unheard of until now. The best pictures of the Pope were taken by Cian, who piggybacked to get the shots as the popemobile whizzed by. As you can see below Panasonic did a good job with their big screens in the Square.

Crowds in the Square


heightof nonsense

(the height of nonsense, afterwards!).

Then onto the Colosseum where Mr Hamilton waved a magic wand and we were in, without having to queue. The sights were impressive, as Mr O’Brien’s class all came back into our minds.


Colosseum converse

When we got back to the school, Ireland’s newest craze, Right Direction rehearsed for future performances. The audience was not discerning, which helped matters enormously!

stage performance