Italy trip departs and arrives


The first year trip got off to a good start, with tears at the airport! And that was just the parents! As for the boys? Well you can seek below how homesick they were.


Well, they go over that. There was a little bit of confusion as we booked in, and it looked like someone would have to stand on the plane due to a shortage of seats, but the nice woman on the Aer Lingus desk eventually give us the all clear.

Mr Vender, who was hosting Yasir, was at the airport to collect him along with Dillon and Liam who were staying with the Antonelli twins. The rest of us had to slum it by bus and rail to Bologna metro where we met the other families: Cellerino (Maitiu), Agostini (Cian) and  Fontana (Dara). And so to bed.

This morning we all awoke to a wonderful Roman day, not!


But that didn’t deter spirits. we picked up Mr Fagan at Termini, then on to St Mary Major basilica, then something funny happened on the way to the Forum (that cultural reference may be lost on the under 40s). As you can see below Maitiu wasn’t enthused.


From the Forum to Mussolini’s ‘Wedding Cake’ and then on to the Pantheon where a lot of consideration went into why the very large designer hole in the roof didn’t let in rain.


Until of course. someone realised that the floor was wet.

The afternoon was spent in Piazza Navona, eating gelati, getting caricatures drawn and behaving like regular street artists. Below are pictures of Maitiu trading with the locals, Yasir hastily looking for some money to spend and finally Yasir, aka Louis Walsh, organising Jedward for a street performance. Parents will have to ask their sones for more details. The day finished with a visit to Piazza Collona, McDonalds (yes, I am afraid so) and a thunderstorm. And they say they want to go to a waterpark tomorrow! They must be Irish.

Maitiu tradesin Rome