Scholarship Applications (entry September 2020) & Exam on 21 November

Rockbrook Park School aims for equal opportunity of access and social diversity in its quality-driven admissions process so that families who identify with the school’s vision, values and ethos and who would like to send their children to the school are not hindered in this due to financial reasons, and so as to ensure that the school’s student body reflects a broad social and economic mix. In support of this, it offers scholarships and need-based bursaries.


Each year students from 6th class with high academic promise are invited to participate in our November scholarship examination. Full details on this examination are made available here from the last Friday in October for the upcoming year.

The scholarship application form must be downloaded and filled in – it cannot be completed on-line.

Scholarship details for September 2020 are now available.  Scholarship assessment takes place on Thursday 21 November from 4 to 6 pm – so please ensure application forms are received before then. Scholarship application form, terms and conditions -download from here.


FamEd CLG, the trustees of Rockbrook Park School, have developed a bursary programme for our school families.  Bursaries are intended to supplement a family’s own resources, and recipients range from families whose ability to pay school costs is extremely limited to families who may need only a minor subsidy. Full details on our bursary policy and application process are available on request. The window for applications opens on the 2nd Monday of December and closes on the 3rd Friday of January each year.