Becoming a man of character

Those who succeed in academics are those who have fostered the character to succeed.

A Rockbrook education aims to lead each student to become a great young man by helping him develop his full powers of mind and character. Our approach, our size and our curriculum allow us to provide opportunities for leadership and service that play to an individual’s strengths and take him out of his comfort zone. Character education underpins the rigorous academic programme of the school, and character growth is at the heart of the school’s code of behaviour. The goal is to help young people develop the good habits that enable them to flourish intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and socially: diligence, personal accountability, fortitude and courage, to name but a few.

“The teachers keep us updated with our child’s progress and if any issues arise we are notified promptly.”

School parent

Partnership with parents

Created as a family school and still a family school.

Parents are the first and most important educators of their children, and the group of parents who independently established Rockbrook School in 1975 were seeking a school that would build on the values that they themselves were imparting to their sons at home. At Rockbrook we have always regarded each student’s adventure in school as a joint project between home and school. There is a shared understanding that the education a young man receives, and the outlook he acquires from the people he respects, contribute enormously to the ideals and values that must guide him for the rest of his life. All parents are members of the Rockbrook Parents’ Association, which organises events so that parents can forge new friendships and strengthen the family spirit within the wider school community.

“Traditional family values of respect, manners and responsibility are encouraged”

School Parent

An ethos for the whole person

Helping students understand the natural unity between faith and reason.

Integral to its culture of supporting the development of the whole person, Rockbrook presents to students, from a Catholic perspective, the timeless Gospel teachings that provide meaning and direction in life and lay a firm foundation for mature moral and spiritual development. The school is open to and welcomes students of all faiths, and promotes an atmosphere of profound respect for all.

The importance of faith is expressed in the ordinary life of the school in a simple and sincere manner, helping students to put it into practice by generously serving others and to discover for themselves how they can foster a genuine and enduring relationship with God at their own pace. The chaplain to the school is provided by Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church that assists in the provision of spiritual formation to educational initiatives all over the world.

“I am very happy with my son’s education and the person he has become. Thank you, Rockbrook, for taking great care of him.”

School parent

Personalised education

Our unique mentoring system ensures that each student thrives in Rockbrook.

At the beginning of the first term, each student in the school is assigned a member of the academic staff as his personal mentor for the entire year. Students can remain with the same mentor from year to year if they so wish. Mentoring is an invaluable and distinctive feature of our personalised programme for all-round student development. Through regular one-to-one meetings and consistent follow-up, a mentor guides a student to set targets for his academic progress and work towards success in his study and exams. The focus is on leading each student to think for himself, take ownership over his learning and responsibility for his actions, and to acquire the balanced strengths that he will need to succeed in school. The mentoring system brings parents closer to the education of their son: they need only lift the phone at any time to talk directly to the person dedicated to looking after him in school.

“Boys feel valued in Rockbrook; teachers notice their strengths and weaknesses, and work with them as they are.”

School parent

Supporting student needs

Differentiated teaching practices which tailor classroom instruction to individual learning needs.

Rockbrook is an inclusive school that seeks to maximise the academic progress of all students enrolled, building on the potential of each individual. Additional education needs, which vary from student to student and even from year to year, are identified and supported. Students are helped to overcome short-term barriers to learning and to manage any long-term learning difficulty. The school’s learning advancement strategies are designed to foster lasting outcomes and to raise the confidence, aspirations and expectations of students.