A curriculum without boundaries

An education designed around the many extra-academic needs and interests of students.

The school House System (the ‘Clanns’) facilitates interaction across the different years groups. Each boy is allocated to one of four Clanns upon entering Rockbrook and thereafter represents his Clann in a variety of enjoyable competitions. School drama and shows take place every year, often around Halloween or Christmas. Students are encouraged to take up responsibilities within the school, maintaining in good order the places they study and work in, and to voice their suggestions via the Student Council. Developing a volunteering spirit is facilitated through local community involvement, working as leaders on our ‘Dangerous Camps’ at Easter and in summer, and participating in Senior Cycle service projects abroad. Subject Departments take students on cultural trips to galleries, museums and exhibitions, and we also host a variety of visitors each year. The school has well-established international links and strongly promotes the learning of languages. Every year three or four foreign trips are organised for students. 

“The outdoor play throughout the school day, all year round, allows him to be a happy, well-balanced boy.”

school parent

Sport & outdoor pursuits

A great campus and the cleanest air one could want. Rockbrook is an ideal place to be active physically.

Sport is a vital part of school life in Rockbrook and includes a balance of individual, team, cooperative and competitive activities at different age levels. Our soccer teams compete very regularly throughout the year, to a very high standard, and have use of our three astro-pitches and two quality grass pitches to train on. Our orienteering teams never fail to bring home medals, true testimony to the stamina instilled in them.  Along with the many physical benefits, involvement in any of our sporting teams or in our school outdoor pursuits programme helps students to develop skills, courage and camaraderie. Our annual Clann Run-a-Muck certainly calls on all three. Maintaining personal hygiene and nutritional know-how are also part and parcel of our curriculum delivery. 

“A happy place for boys to do their growing up, safely and well.”

school parent

School clubs 

Keeping students active throughout the school week.

There are several in-school and after-school clubs operating all year round, particularly aimed at Junior Cycle students. These clubs approach learning outside of the classroom in an engaging and fun manner. The Science Club comes together once a week during lunchtime for great experiments, to organise trips and run Science Week. The Debating Club members spar off each other every week, learning the art and craft of speaking to persuade. The Music Club and Art Club are both run after-school on different days. These, and all of the school clubs, make learning accessible and enjoyable. 1st Year students participate in choir once a week.