Introducing our school

Rockbrook School is a single-sex fee paying voluntary secondary school for boys, with a Catholic ethos and providing a six-year school cycle. Our vision for our students: a truly educated, informed and discerning mind, a mature moral foundation and a comprehensive range of personal and social skills. On this foundation our students can build for the rest of their lives – in higher education, in their careers and the world of work, in their family life, in their contribution to society.

The uniqueness of each boy is recognised and respected, and each is encouraged to maximise his potential.

School Parent

Core values underpin and imbue the collaborative relationships between staff, students and parents, helping us to act in unison each day to maintain our vibrant school community and its common goal. Central to the unique Rockbrook educational experience is our commitment to:

Enabling each student to strive for academic excellence. Each student does his best to achieve the highest academic and intellectual development he can attain, supported by high quality teaching within a stimulating learning environment. Our distinctive, challenging and varied curriculum places an emphasis on cultivating a spirit of intellectual adventure and life-long habits of study and work.

Helping each student to develop his character. We recognise that achievement in any area of life is built on the character habits, or virtues, that enable this success: hard work, courage, perseverance, optimism, generous service to others. Rockbrook helps each student flourish, drawing out his potential and teaching him how to think for himself and take ownership over his actions.

Sharing learning between school and home. Parents are the first and most important educators of their children, and the parents who independently established Rockbrook in 1975 were precisely seeking a school that would support the values they themselves were imparting at home. The school was created as a family school and continues as a family school, working closely with parents to ensure their sons are thriving both in school and outside.

Valuing the role of faith in the lives of our students and their families. Our ethos is an ethos for the whole person. While the school presents to students, in accordance with the doctrines and traditions of the Catholic Church, the timeless Gospel teachings of Jesus Christ, lived simply and sincerely in the ordinary life of the school,[1] Rockbrook is open to and welcomes students of other religious faiths, and promotes an atmosphere of profound respect for everyone at all times.

Cherishing the dreams, and recognising the needs, of every student. Through its inclusive policies and procedures, and subject to available resources, the school seeks to maximise the progression of all students. They are helped to overcome short-term barriers to learning and manage any long-term learning difficulty. 

[1] The school is kindly assisted in its provision of faith formation and pastoral/chaplaincy services by Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church. Opus Dei provides similar spiritual care to numerous schools and other educational initiatives all over the world.

“I believe the school is unique; it has helped my son become the best version of himself and grow into a wonderful young man.”

School Parent

“The development of men of character is one of the school’s greatest strengths. I can send my son anywhere to get good grades, but it is so much more than academics that make a man!”

School Parent