Men of Character

Fostering the character to succeed

A Rockbrook education aims to lead each student to become a great young man by helping him develop his full powers of mind and character.  Our approach, our size and our curriculum allows us to provide opportunities for leadership and service that play to an individual’s strengths and take him out of his comfort zone.

Character education underpins the rigorous academic programme of the school, and character growth is at the heart of the school’s code of behaviour.  The goal is to help our students develop the good habits that enable them to flourish intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and socially:  diligience, personal accountability, fortitude and courage, to name but a few.

I believe the school is unique; it has helped my son become the best version of himself and grow into a wonderful young man.

School parent

The school House System (the ‘Clanns’) facilitates interaction across the different years groups. Each boy is allocated to one of four Clanns upon entering Rockbrook and thereafter represents his Clann in a variety of enjoyable competitions. School drama and shows take place every year, often around Halloween or Christmas. Students are encouraged to take up responsibilities within the school, maintaining in good order the places they study and work in, and to voice their suggestions via the Student Council. Developing a volunteering spirit is facilitated through local community involvement, working as leaders on our ‘Dangerous Camps’ at Easter and in summer, and participating in Senior Cycle service projects abroad. Subject Departments take students on cultural trips to galleries, museums and exhibitions, and we also host a variety of visitors each year. The school has well-established international links and strongly promotes the learning of languages. The Science Club comes together once a week during lunchtime for great experiments, to organise trips and run Science Week. The Debating Club members spar off each other every week, learning the art and craft of speaking to persuade. The Music Club and Art Club are both run after-school on different days.

In Rockbrook we have committed our campus to becoming a “Green school”.  Our teachers have been working hard with our students to develop initiatives to achieve this particularly around nature and biodiversity. Initiatives include our Green Campaign and;

Green School

Forming an active Green Schools Committee

Setting up our Rockbrook Beehives

Creation of a composting area

Development and maintenance of a nature walk

A specialised nature room

Development of a pollinator plan

A happy place for boys to do their growing up, safely and well.

School parent